1959 Plymouth Sport Fury
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1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible - Very Rare - Museum Displayed - Must See!!


  • 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible

  • Ultra Rare Car and One of the Most Desirable Plymouths Ever Built

  • One of Only 5,990 Produced

  • Absolutely Gorgeous Car Inside & Out

  • Stunning Chrome and Trim Throughout

  • Received a Full Ground Up Restoration

  • Formerly a Part of the Petersen Automotive Museum collection in Los Angeles

  • Original True California Black Plate Car

  • Completely 100% Rust-Free

  • Gorgeous Factory Bronze Metallic Exterior

  • Lovely Brown Haartz Stayfast Canvas Soft Top

  • Beautiful Two-tone Beige Checker Pattern Cloth and Bronze Leather Interior

  • Ultra Rare Swivel Seats

  • Optional 361ci Golden Commando 395 V8 Engine

  • 3-Speed Pushbutton Automatic Transmission

  • Kelsey-Hayes Chrome Wire Wheels

  • BFGoodrich Silvertown Wide Whitewall Tires

  • One of the Finest '59 Fury's You Can Come Across

  • Extremely Rare and Hard to Find

  • Don't Miss Out on This One

  • Etc..

Our Quick Condition Guide - (Condition Rating Scale: #1 Perfect, #2 Near Perfect driver, #3 Excellent driver, #4 Nice driver, #5 Needs Work, #6 Parts. Each section is rated based on the type of vehicle it represents being part of.)

Overview Of Entire Vehicle: *Condition #2 (Rare Amazing Classic)

This is an absolutely gorgeous 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible in excellent condition inside and out. This car received a total ground up restoration several years ago and has been in the hands of collectors ever since and was also formerly on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum collection in Los Angeles. This is a real lifelong true California black plate car so it is an absolutely rock-solid and 100% rust-free car. It still has its original California black plates and even the original dash plate with the original owner of "Wendy Havens" on it. The restoration was done several years ago but it hasn't been used much since and it looks absolutely incredible still. It will stand tall and be the highlight of any vintage car collection as it is so rare, unique and beautiful. It is finished in its stunning original color of Bronze Metallic with matching two-tone Beige Checker Pattern cloth and Bronze leather interior. The interior is all new with all the factory correct SMS fabrics and materials and looks gorgeous. The car even has great options like front swivel seats, power windows, power brakes and remote mirror etc. It has the optional 361ci Golden Commando 395 V8 engine with pushbutton automatic transmission that runs like a top. This car is on consignment with us from one of our very good customers. He bought this for his collection but he likes to switch cars a lot and we either buy them or put them on consignment with him. He is a very picky buyer and only buys the best cars and he did a really good job with this one too. Most of these vintage Chryslers are prone to rust and are extremely expensive to restore and you can tell that this car has been a great car its entire life being a California black plate car as the underside is clean as a whistle, rust-free and beautiful. The car shows 105K miles that we believe to be original, it drives like a dream and has looks that just do not quit. Do not miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to have an ultra rare classic in your collection.


  • 361ci Golden Commando 395 V8 Engine with 305HP and 395ft/lb of TQ

  • 3-Speed Pushbutton Automatic Transmission

  • Bronze Metallic Exterior

  • Brown Haartz Stayfast Canvas Soft Top

  • Two-tone Beige Checker Pattern Cloth and Bronze Leather Interior

  • Sport Deck Lid

  • Rare Dual Front Swivel Seats

  • Heater/Defroster

  • Working AM Radio

  • Power Top

  • Power Windows

  • Power Steering

  • Power Brakes

  • Clear Steering Wheel

  • Kelsey-Hayes Chrome Wire Wheels

  • BFGoodrich Silvertown Wide Whitewall Tires

  • Remote Mirror

  • Dual Sideview Mirrors

  • Seat Belts

  • Wipers

  • Fitted Car Cover

  • Etc..

Exterior: *Condition #2

The exterior of this Fury is in beautiful condition and shows amazing. The car was restored several years ago and has been in the hands of museums and collectors ever since so it has held up beautifully. It has a gorgeous paint job in its original factory color of Bronze Metallic. All of the chrome, stainless and trim was all redone during the restoration and looks absolutely phenomenal. The fit and finish on the body is excellent and as we said before it is an original California black plate car so it has never had any rust at all and is straight as an arrow. All of the emblems are beautiful, lenses are excellent, and all the glass is crystal clear. In full disclosure the windshield does have some delamination around the edges but it appears to be the original windshield. For the car to be 100% that is the only thing we probably would do to it but you don't have to as it looks fine the way it is. It is sitting on a beautiful set of Kelsey-Hayes chrome wire wheels with "F" Fury gold-plated center caps and like-new BFGoodrich Silvertown wide whitewall bias-ply tires. The car has looks that just don't quit and is a real traffic stopper to say the least.

Interior: *Condition #2

The interior in this Plymouth is absolutely gorgeous being restored and redone in the factory correct SMS materials. It is two-tone Beige Checker Pattern cloth and Bronze leather interior and looks out of this world amazing. The dash pad actually looks to be the original and is in immaculate condition and the factory clear steering wheel has been restored. All the chrome and trim looks stunning and appears to have all been redone as well. Everything appears to work in the car including the original AM radio, clock, heater/defroster, wipers, gauges, lights etc. The only things that do not appear to work are the gas gauge and the horn but those are easy fixes that you could do if you choose. All of the power windows work but the left passenger window does need help and we are trying to convince the owner to have a new motor put in or the track lubed up, whatever may be the case to make it function flawlessly. It has a brand new matching top boot and a brand new brown Haartz Stayfast canvas soft top to cover the completely restored top frame and it looks amazing. It has all new rubbers and weatherstripping throughout the car and inside the trunk has been completely restored all back to factory specs with the correct factory spare, jack and jack instructions. It even has a fitted car cover that comes with it. Overall the interior of this beauty is stunning and will please even the pickiest of collectors.

Mechanically: *Condition #2

Mechanically this Sport Fury is in top notch condition and runs and drives like a dream. It has its factory correct 361ci Golden Commando 395 V8 engine and pushbutton transmission. Both the engine and transmission were rebuilt during the restoration and it shows as the engine runs like a top and the transmission shifts smooth as butter. As you can see they are clean as a whistle with all new components and the car does not appear to leak or smoke at all and it sounds fantastic. Under the hood has been completely detailed to showroom factory new condition and looks beautiful. It runs and drives excellent, has great power, and stops straight. The steering is good but in full disclosure it does have a little play to it and could maybe be adjusted to be perfect. Overall this Fury is a car you can just jump right in and take for a cruise or to your next car show or event.

Under Carriage: *Condition #2

The underside of this car is beautiful as well as it was fully detailed during its restoration. It appears to be a frame-off restoration as the floor pans have all been finished off nicely. It has a super nice and tight suspension both front and rear, a new dual exhaust system and clean gas tank. You can see that the car has never had any rust or any repairs done and you can still see all the factory spot welds all along the rockers, quarters and even in the wheel wells which usually get covered up if the car had rust or bondo which this car appears to have never had. You can still see all the factory grommets showing how nice and rock-solid this car truly is. It is extremely rare to find a 50's-60's Chrysler product in as clean and beautiful of condition as this one is underneath so please do not miss out on this one as it will definitely be the highlight of any collection and will not last long.

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*About Our Collector Car Rating Guide:

We at Classic Car Investments have given each of our vehicles an over all condition rating and a separate condition rating for each major part of the vehicle. These ratings are given to each vehicle, by us, based on our educated professional opinion from decades of experience. Condition ratings can be looked at differently based on each individual buyer. Please use this rating as a purely a guide to help you gauge the condition of the vehicle with out physically looking at in person. Which we always suggest is the best way to buy a collector car but today can be tough with our hectic, busy schedules. We are being honest as possible in our ads and want to show you everything about each vehicle, with every media possible including pictures, video, sounds, text and ratings system similar to most consumer product rating systems out there. But of course tailored to collector cars. We want our customer to feel confident buying our cars from any location in the world and know what they are getting. With showing you, the buyer all the negatives as well as the positives on every vehicle and educating the buyer in the process. Buy our vehicles with confidence!

The rating is based on a 1 to 6 rating scale. #1 flawless car that is almost perfect, #2 near perfect car but can be driven, #3 excellent driver, that is most likely show quality with minor flaws (Most Classic Cars), #4 nice driver that has some flaws, #5 project car or great restoration project and #6 being a complete parts car. Plus and minus signs behind the number, indicate it is on the higher or lower side on the described condition in our opinion.


Engine Type
Engine Size
361ci Golden Commando 395 V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or above


Body Color
Bronze Metallic
Body Style
Paint Type


Sport Fury


Interior Color
Beige Checker Pattern and Bronze
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Leather & Cloth
Shifter Type
Push Button
Center Console
Engine Size
361ci Golden Commando 395 V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Automatic
Body Style

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