1941 Cadillac Series 62
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1941 Cadillac Series 62 Deluxe Convertible - Very Cool Survivor - Runs Amazing!!


  • 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Deluxe Convertible Coupe

  • Amazing Survivor Type Condition

  • Fresh Out of a Doctor's Cadillac Collection

  • First Time Available in 8 Years

  • Wonderful Cadillac

  • Runs and Drives Amazing

  • Mechanically in Excellent Condition

  • Only One Repaint

  • Beautiful Original Chrome and Trim

  • Gunmetal Gray Metallic Exterior

  • Gorgeous Red Leather Interior

  • New Stayfast Top

  • Very Solid Car Throughout

  • Just the Right Amount of Patina

  • Original 346ci Flathead V8 Engine

  • Original 3-Speed Manual Transmission

  • Wide White Wall Tires

  • Ready to Drive and Enjoy

  • A True Collectors Find

  • Etc...

Our Quick Condition Guide - (Condition Rating Scale: #1 Perfect, #2 Near Perfect driver, #3 Excellent driver, #4 Nice driver, #5 Needs Work, #6 Parts. Each section is rated based on the type of vehicle it represents being part of.)

Overview Of Entire Vehicle: *Condition #3- (Wonderful Cadillac Survivor)

This is a very rare 1941 Cadillac Series 62 Deluxe Convertible Coupe that is ready to drive and enjoy. This Cadillac is on consignment with us from a local doctor's collection. He had a large Cadillac collection and this is the last car that he has left and we are selling it for him. All the other cars were restored but this is the one that he has owned the longest and loved the most. It is a very cool car as it is pretty much survivor condition with just a touch of patina. This car was sold new in Richmond, VA and has tons of documentation going back to the 50s. You do not find them like this at all and it is a real treat. The car appears to have had one repaint its entire life that is showing its age but still looks very cool for a car show. It appears to have all of its original chrome and trim which is in beautiful condition, and all its original glass is in beautiful condition as well. It has an original Cadillac red leather interior that looks amazing, the dash and brightwork is beautiful, and has a brand new black Stayfast canvas top with red piping that looks phenomenal. Inside of the trunk is all original and this Cadillac truly runs and drives amazing. The owner said it is probably the best running and driving 1941 Cadillacs he's ever owned. The drivetrain appears to be all original and has been completely gone through so it is in excellent running and driving condition. You can drive this car anywhere without any worries or hesitation as it starts up with one press of the push button start. In 1958 it was sold for $325 plus a 1949 Buick Convertible Coupe so there is some really cool history that goes with this car and that document also comes with this Cadillac. You will not find another one like this in a long time. You can drive it as it sits or out a new paint job on it and you would have an even more amazing car.


  • 346ci Flathead V8 Engine

  • 3-Speed Manual Transmission

  • Gunmetal Gray Metallic Exterior

  • Red Leather Interior

  • Cadillac Fog Lights

  • Power Top

  • AM Radio

  • Wipers

  • Heater/Defroster

  • Dual Mirrors

  • Reverse Light

  • Fender Skirts

  • Front and Rear Bumper Guards

  • Chrome Wheel Covers

  • Wide White Wall Tires

  • Etc...

Exterior: *Condition #3-

The exterior of this car is in excellent condition but this one is a hard one to explain but we will start from the top. The paint on the car was done probably some 30 years ago and it looks like an original survivor as it has some paint flaking off, some flaws here and there but even though it looks like that it has just the right amount of patina to look very cool and set itself apart from all the restored cars out there. It has a nice shine to it, and personally we would leave it how it sits, as it has that really cool patina and original look. People can see that this car has not been messed around with its entire life. You will also see that the fit and finish is excellent and has never been in an accident or hit anything. The chrome, trim and glass are all original on the car and all look and fit gorgeous with no delamination or anything. You really just do not find them like this at all anymore. You have two options which are to drive it as it sits as the current owner has done and had a lot of fun that way or you could take the chrome and trim off and do a beautiful paint job and thats basically all you would need to do to the car. So it is up to the next owner as to what they would like to do but it has an absolutely great look to it the way it currently sits. We would not touch or redo any of the chrome or trim on this Cadillac as it is stunning for being all original. Nothing is pitted like most 40s Cadillacs are and has just the right amount of patina. The wheels and hubcaps have been fully restored and are wrapped in a beautiful set of newer wide white wall tires, the top has been replaced with a new black Stayfast top with red piping in the correct materials and looks amazing. All of the lenses are crystal clear and in excellent shape and all of the weatherstripping is original and very nice as well. Overall the exterior of this Cadillac shows very well and with any 40s Cadillac it has looks that just do not quit.

Interior: *Condition #3+

The interior of this car is looks like beautiful, untouched original car on the inside. It still has original 1941 Cadillac red leather seats and panels. The carpet has been replaced and the steering wheel looks beautiful except for a couple minor hairline cracks that you really have to look for to see. The dash and gauge cluster is bright and beautiful and in excellent condition and amazing for a survivor like this. Most everything appears to work in the car including the heater/defroster, horn, AM radio, gauges and courtesy lights. The only things that do not work are the power top, wipers, clock and fuel gauge. Inside of the trunk is all the original material including the jack, and spare and is still in very nice original condition and looks great. Overall the interior looks absolutely gorgeous and is sure to please.

Mechanically: *Condition #2-

Mechanically this car is in amazing condition and appears to have its original drivetrain. Under the hood is very nice and factory correct appearing very untouched except for all the meticulous maintenance that has been performed to have it in excellent running and driving condition. It appear to have a new fuel pump, radiator, hoses, belts, fuel system flush, tune-up, brake job, steering, etc. Everything was gone through on this stunning Cadillac so it truly runs and drives like a top, steers perfect and brakes straight. You can jump in this one right away, it starts on the first push of the start button and is ready to go. The gentleman said this was the best running and driving 40s Cadillac he has ever owned and we believe it as it just fires right up with no hesitation at all and purrs. It literally sounds like a Swiss timepiece it runs so great so you do not have to worry about anything mechanically.

Under Carriage: *Condition #3

The underside fo this car is very clean and original and you can see where a lot of suspension parts have been rebuilt, replaced, painted and gone through. It is very dry underneath and the floor pans are solid as a rock. The only issue on the car is that both inner rockers had a little rust at one point but is very common for these cars but is very minute and could be fixed very easily so do not let that stop you. You can see all of the photos and the underside video where we show you absolutely everything and for the most part this car is 95% totally rust-free and beautiful. The exhaust is very nice and quiet with zero leaks. Do not hesitate or wait on this car as you will not find another one like it in a very long time if at all and a car that looks like this is going to get way more attention than a fully restored car, showing just how nice and how well kept it has been its entire life.

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If you have any additional questions please call us at 480-281-2059 or call our sales manager Jimmy directly at 608-215-8300. We can help with shipping quotes and arrangements. I also welcome all International buyers. The car is located in beautiful sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

*About Our Collector Car Rating Guide:

We at Classic Car Investments have given each of our vehicles an over all condition rating and a separate condition rating for each major part of the vehicle. These ratings are given to each vehicle, by us, based on our educated professional opinion from decades of experience. Condition ratings can be looked at differently based on each individual buyer. Please use this rating as a purely a guide to help you gauge the condition of the vehicle with out physically looking at in person. Which we always suggest is the best way to buy a collector car but today can be tough with our hectic, busy schedules. We are being honest as possible in our ads and want to show you everything about each vehicle, with every media possible including pictures, video, sounds, text and ratings system similar to most consumer product rating systems out there. But of course tailored to collector cars. We want our customer to feel confident buying our cars from any location in the world and know what they are getting. With showing you, the buyer all the negatives as well as the positives on every vehicle and educating the buyer in the process. Buy our vehicles with confidence!

The rating is based on a 1 to 6 rating scale. #1 flawless car that is almost perfect, #2 near perfect car but can be driven, #3 excellent driver, that is most likely show quality with minor flaws (Most Classic Cars), #4 nice driver that has some flaws, #5 project car or great restoration project and #6 being a complete parts car. Plus and minus signs behind the number, indicate it is on the higher or lower side on the described condition in our opinion.


Engine Type
Engine Size
346ci Flathead V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or above


Body Color
Gunmetal Gray Metallic
Body Style
Paint Type


Series 62


Interior Color
Secondary Interior Color
Seating Type
Seat Material
Shifter Type
Center Console
Engine Size
346ci Flathead V8
Transmission Type
3 Speed Manual
Body Style

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