1939 Ford Coupe
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1939 Ford Coupe - Original Steel Car - Shaved and Smoothed - Loaded -Must See!


1939 Ford Coupe Street Rod
All Original Henry Ford Steel Car
Chopped 2.5”, Shaved Smooth Frenched Headlights and Antenna
Suicide Doors
Custom Tan Leather and Suede Interior
All Modern Comforts as any Late Model Car
Power Windows
Touch Screen Stereo Navigation, iPod and Bluetooth
Backup Camera
Power Disc Brakes
383ci Engine, 700r4 Automatic Transmission
Celebrity Built and Owned
Previously Owned by Kurt Sutter and Katy Segal creator of Sons of Anarchy and Actress in Married with Children
Used in Sons of Anarchy TV Show
This Car is On Consignment with us from a very good client of ours in Southern California

Our Quick Condition Guide - (Condition Rating Scale: #1 Perfect, #2 Near Perfect driver, #3 Excellent driver, #4 Nice driver, #5 Needs Work, #6 Parts. Each section is rated based on the type of vehicle it represents being part of.)

Overview Of Entire Vehicle: *Condition #3+.

This is an absolutely beautiful 1939 Ford Coupe Street Rod that is in excellent condition inside and out. This is a real original Henry Ford steel car body including fenders and running boards. The car was custom built and previously owned by Kurt Sutter and Katy Segal (Writer of Sons of Anarchy Mayans and Actress in Married with Children) and was also used in the TV Show Sons of Anarchy. I also comes with lots of Sons of Anarchy Mayan Memorabilia and Swag. It is a very cool looking custom with the roof being chopped 2.5” for a much sleeker look, shaved and smoothed, and the headlights are frenched along with the antenna. There are several other subtle body modifications including smooth running boards and suicide doors. It has a really sinister look with all black body and wheels with tan leather and suede interior and many beautiful extras inside. The car is very well equipped with all the perks of a late model car today. It was used and driven by Kurt Sutter and is fully sorted out with no issues at all. Overall it is a very cool build and runs and drives absolutely amazing with its independent front suspension, front airbags, power disc brakes, 383ci engine with upgraded cooling system, 700r4 automatic transmission and so much more. This is just a very awesome car to drive and gets tons of attention everywhere it goes.


383ci V8 Engine
700r Automatic Transmission
Independent Front Suspension
Medium Mocha Leather Interior
Front Airbags
Power Disc Brake Conversion
Ice Cold A/C and Heater
Power Windows
Polished Tilt Steering Column and Custom Built Steering Wheel
Remote Popper for Doors
Custom Gauges
Upgraded Touchscreen Navigation System
Custom Stereo System with Bluetooth, Amplifiers, Subwoofers and Back Up Camera
Tons of Billet
Custom Black American Racing Torque Thrust Wheels
BFG Tires
Tinted Windows
Seat Belts

Exterior: *Condition #3+

The exterior of this car is in beautiful condition and shows absolutely amazing. It is finished in a very nice and very high quality paint job in Jet Black. The owner stated it was a $15k paint job done in the last year and it shows, as its as straight as an arrow and extremely well blocked. Looking at the paint you can see yourself just like a mirror. This car was driven so it has a few little scratches and a little flaw on the running board as shown in the video. But it can be repaired or added with the deal, as we have a great body shop or you can just leave it how it is if you are going to just drive and enjoy it. This is a real all-steel body including the fenders, running boards and everything. The body has many modifications which include the roof being chopped 2.5”, shaved and smoothed, frenched headlights and antenna, smoothed running boards, suicide doors, louvered hood and so on. Everything was done very tastefully with this build. The glass is tinted and looks beautiful. All of the outside lights work like they should. It is sitting on black custom American Racing Torque Thrust 2 wheels with red pin striping to match the pin striping on the body. They are wrapped with BFG T/A tires. Overall the exterior is an excellent finish, solid as a rock and straight as an arrow.

Interior: *Condition #3+

The Interior of this car is absolutely beautiful, fully custom and has a high quality finish. The interior is finished off with tan leather and suede upholstery with ostrich accents that look very cool and is very comfortable to sit in. The seats, door panels, and dash are all custom with lots of accessories including custom aftermarket gauges, billet steering column, billet steering wheel and all the luxuries you would want of a modern car in a street rod. It has power windows, remote door poppers, and very nice sound system with navigation, iPod connect, bluetooth, subwoofers, extra speakers, amplifier and backup camera. Inside the trunk is finished off to match the inside of the car with the tan leather and ostrich.

Mechanically: *Condition #3+

Mechanically, this car runs excellent and is just a real pleasure to drive as it goes smoothly down the road. Since It has been driven it has already been all sorted out mechanically. It has the 383ci Chevy V8 Engine with an upgraded cooling system so it runs nice and cool. Under the hood is very nicely detailed with lots of billet and polished accessories including the a/c compressor and alternator. The car runs great and is nice and quiet with independent front suspension, brand new airbags in the front and power front disc brake conversion that stops on a dime. The transmission is a 700r4 automatic that was just rebuilt less then 500 miles ago and the car was fully wired with a painless wiring system. Overall it is a real pleasure to drive this car. It starts right up and runs like a top with the exception of a slight pull to the right and the speedometer not working.

Under Carriage: *Condition #3

This under carriage on this car is very nice and clean with a little rode grime from being driven. Overall it is rust free and just a very clean car underneath and sure to please.

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*About Our Collector Car Rating Guide:

We at Classic Car Investments have given each of our vehicles an over all condition rating and a separate condition rating for each major part of the vehicle. These ratings are given to each vehicle, by us, based on our educated professional opinion from decades of experience. Condition ratings can be looked at differently based on each individual buyer. Please use this rating as a purely a guide to help you gauge the condition of the vehicle with out physically looking at in person. Which we always suggest is the best way to buy a collector car but today can be tough with our hectic, busy schedules. We are being honest as possible in our ads and want to show you everything about each vehicle, with every media possible including pictures, video, sounds, text and ratings system similar to most consumer product rating systems out there. But of course tailored to collector cars. We want our customer to feel confident buying our cars from any location in the world and know what they are getting. With showing you, the buyer all the negatives as well as the positives on every vehicle and educating the buyer in the process. Buy our vehicles with confidence!

The rating is based on a 1 to 6 rating scale. #1 flawless car that is almost perfect, #2 near perfect car but can be driven, #3 excellent driver, that is most likely show quality with minor flaws (Most Classic Cars), #4 nice driver that has some flaws, #5 project car or great restoration project and #6 being a complete parts car. Plus and minus signs behind the number, indicate it is on the higher or lower side on the described condition in our opinion.


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