1964 Jaguar E-Type
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1964 Jaguar E Type Series 1 3.8L Roadster - Beautifully Restored - Turn Key Car!


1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8 Roadster
Beautifully Restored Front to Back & Top to Bottom
Original Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate
Factory Opalescent Silver Blue
Factory Dark Blue Leather Interior
Just Spent $10k Fully Servicing the Car Front to Back
Ready to be Shown at Concours Events
Built August 25th, 1963
Dispatched to the Dealer October 8th, 1963
Distributed through Jaguar Cars of New York
Upgrade Synchromesh 4-Speed Transmission
Wonderful Car Throughout
Runs and Drives Absolutely Amazing

Our Quick Condition Guide - (Condition Rating Scale: #1 Perfect, #2 Near Perfect driver, #3 Excellent driver, #4 Nice driver, #5 Needs Work, #6 Parts. Each section is rated based on the type of vehicle it represents being part of.)

Overview Of Entire Vehicle: *Condition #2

This is an absolutely beautiful 1964 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 3.8L Roadster that is in amazing condition inside and out. This car was completely restored from front to back and top to bottom within the last few years. With an amazing job done on the restoration, as it appears it started off as a very nice car before. This car is accompanied by its Original Jaguar Heritage Trust Certificate showing it was an original Opalescent Silver Blue with a Dark Blue leather Interior and a Blue Top, which is currently is as it was restored back to the factory standards. The restoration was recently done and whoever did it really knew what they were doing as it is a very high quality job. It is not a number one car but it is a great number two car that you can drive, enjoy and be very proud of. This car is on consignment from one of our very good customers, he purchased it and wasn't sorted out completely mechanically so he gave us the car and a month later almost $10k later we got the car in perfect mechanical condition ready to drive. We put over 100 a miles on the car test driving it and it drives amazing. When the car was ready to go our customer had already bought something else and was ready to sell this one. Somebody is getting a really good car that is ready to go and you do not need to make excuses for as you can just jump in it and drive it to enjoy today. The car comes with its original service manual and original complete tool kit. The car was built in 1963 and got to the states in late 1963, so it is titled as a 1964 since it was imported so late is the reason we believe. We do not know much on the history of the car but what we do know from some of the records we got with the car is the original owner is unknown. Current records report it shows there was long-term ownership from 1988-2005. The car shows 28k miles and we were told it could possibly be original miles but we cannot guarantee that. Everything works in the car and it is in great mechanical condition through out. The factory wire wheels and white wall tires really set the car off appearance wise and is one of the prettiest E-Types we have seen in a long time. The E-Type Jaguar was known as one of the most beautiful cars ever built to a lot of publications and people, as it is really just a true piece of art.


3.8L 6 Cylinder Engine
Upgraded Syncrhomesh 4-speed Manual Transmission
AM Radio
Real Wood Wheel
Leather Interior
Wire Wheels
White Wall Tires
Bumper Guards
Two Hard Covered Books and Binders come with the car to use in shows or have on your coffee table to feature it.

Exterior: *Condition #2

The exterior on this car is in absolutely gorgeous finished in its original color of Opalescent Blue Silver. This is a very high dollar paint job put on the car with an amazing finish and would definitely cost $30k plus to have it done today. It is hand rubbed to a smooth finish with beautiful fit and finish through out the body with excellent gaps. All of the chrome on the car is concours quality, all of the lenses are new and all of the trim is in excellent condition giving this car just a very beautiful look. The glass is all in beautiful condition with all new rubbers everywhere. This exterior is just a top notch show quality finish that turns heads everywhere it goes. The chrome wire wheels appear to be the original ones as they show a little patina on the spokes but are in very nice beautiful condition with newer white wall tires on them which really set it aside. Overall the exterior is just a very straight and very clean car that is sure to please any future owner.

Interior: *Condition #2

The interior is absolutely gorgeous done in its factory color of Dark Blue Leather and is very high quality leather and the correct grain that is supposed to be in the car. The Carpets are all high grade and the dash is absolutely beautiful giving the interior a stunning look. Everything works inside the car from all the gauges to the radio, wipers, heater, directional and horn. The wood wheel is original and has a couple little flaws in it which we show in the video. The correct dark blue top boot is included with the beautiful dark blue convertible top that is done in the correct material and the frame on it has been all restored and in great condition. Inside the trunk has been all restored with all the correct material and is very highly detailed inside including its fifth wire wheel spare and the original tool kit that looks to be complete in the trunk still

Mechanically: *Condition #2-

Mechanically this car is in absolute amazing condition as we recently just this last month spent $10k at one of the top specialty mechanics in town. Completely going through this car from front to back making sure it is in tip top shape for somebody to jump in and drive without having any issues. They went through the brakes, the fuel system, tuned the car and went through all the electrical system. It is in top shape to drive and you don't need to spend a dollar on it to drive it. Under the hood is beautifully detailed and very nice as it is all completely stock and correct and is highly detailed. The engine is a 3.8L 6 cylinder that does not have the numbers matching block but they do believe it is the original cylinder head. We are not selling a concours car so it should not make that big of a difference. The transmission was upgraded from the original moss box to a newer synchromesh 4-speed that allows greater smoothness between gears and it does shift smooth. The brakes work good and this car is just overall in excellent mechanical condition.

Under Carriage: *Condition #2-

This Under Carriage on this vehicle is very clean and has a brand new highly polished exhaust system on it that sounds amazing. You can see the suspension on it has been rebuilt from front and rear when the car was restored. With the pans on the car appearing to be original with factory correct undercoating on them. Overall the car looks to be very solid with no repairs that we have noticed at all, this car is sure to be enjoyed by its new owner.

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*About Our Collector Car Rating Guide:

We at Classic Car Investments have given each of our vehicles an over all condition rating and a separate condition rating for each major part of the vehicle. These ratings are given to each vehicle, by us, based on our educated professional opinion from decades of experience. Condition ratings can be looked at differently based on each individual buyer. Please use this rating as a purely a guide to help you gauge the condition of the vehicle with out physically looking at in person. Which we always suggest is the best way to buy a collector car but today can be tough with our hectic, busy schedules. We are being honest as possible in our ads and want to show you everything about each vehicle, with every media possible including pictures, video, sounds, text and ratings system similar to most consumer product rating systems out there. But of course tailored to collector cars. We want our customer to feel confident buying our cars from any location in the world and know what they are getting. With showing you, the buyer all the negatives as well as the positives on every vehicle and educating the buyer in the process. Buy our vehicles with confidence!

The rating is based on a 1 to 6 rating scale. #1 flawless car that is almost perfect, #2 near perfect car but can be driven, #3 excellent driver, that is most likely show quality with minor flaws (Most Classic Cars), #4 nice driver that has some flaws, #5 project car or great restoration project and #6 being a complete parts car. Plus and minus signs behind the number, indicate it is on the higher or lower side on the described condition in our opinion.


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