1959 Cadillac Series 62
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1959 Cadillac Series 62 2dr HT - Great Find - Only 22K Original Miles - WOW!


1959 Cadillac Series 62 2-door Hardtop Coupe
Garage Find out of Tennessee
Previous Owner had it over 20 years
22k Original Miles
Factory Wood Rose with matching Black and Rose Interior
Nice Driver that can be driven as is or restored
White Wall Tires
390ci V8 with Automatic Transmission
Runs & Drives very well
Very Rare American Classic and Iconic 50's car

Our Quick Condition Guide - (Condition Rating Scale: #1 Perfect, #2 Near Perfect driver, #3 Excellent driver, #4 Nice driver, #5 Needs Work, #6 Parts. Each section is rated based on the type of vehicle it represents being part of.)

Overview Of Entire Vehicle: *Condition #4-

Here is a 1959 Cadillac “Series 62” 2dr HT that is a very rare garage find with only 22k original miles on it. We found this car in a garage in Tennessee who was an older gentleman that owned it over 20 years. When it arrived, we went through the car to get it in running and driving condition including the fuel system, cooling system and brakes. It now runs and drives very well. It is 100% complete and all there. This is a very good looking car that looks great from 5 to 10 feet away but up close it does show some flaws. This is a great car to jump in and drive how it is or restore as you go. The Exterior was ordered in Wood Rose with a Black and Rose Interior. It is a very pretty color combination with wide white wall tires. All of the chrome and trim on the exterior is original and in decent shape but still shines nicely. The car is for the most part solid but does have some small rust issues that need to be repaired if you restore the car. The interior is partially original and you can tell it is a 22k original mile car. These '59's are highly desirable and this is a great opportunity to get a very rare American Classic and Iconic 50's car at a fraction of the price of a perfect one.


Series 62
390ci V8
Automatic Transmission
Power Steering
Power Brakes
AM Radio
Power Antenna
Rare Manual Windows
Rare Manual Seats
White Wall Tires
Remote Mirror

Exterior: *Condition #4-

The exterior was ordered in Wood Rose and in the current condition it looks great from 5 to 10 feet away. It's a great looking cruiser as it is without needing to worry about getting a scratch or knick. The car is all complete and 100% all there and still gets stares. We just polished up the paint from its long time storage and it still has a nice decent shine to it, but would need a repainted to bring it back to its original glory. All of the body panels and trim fit very well and is overall very solid but has some rust issues that were repaired many years ago. On both the left and rear rocker panels that were replaced and had a poor job done. They would need to be replaced again or repaired to do it correctly. The left side rear quarter had some repairs as well as the right side had some small repairs, which would need to be redone again to be in excellent condition. The top edge of the front left fender has one small little square spot that had some type of repair done. Over all, the rest of the fit is amazing and the top of the car is completely rust free with original glass in beautiful condition. The chrome does show its age and is fine for a driver. As well as it is all being there but would need to be redone for a show car. All of the wheels are original with beautiful original hubcaps and white wall bias-ply tires that are older and still great tread but if you were looking to drive it quite a bit, I would recommend replacing the tires. Overall, this Cadillac looks great from 5 to 10 feet for a driver, but would need work to be a show car.

Interior: *Condition #4-

The interior on this Cadillac is all there and is part original and part redone many years ago. It looks clean and is fine to be used the way it is. To be perfect, some of it would need to be redone. The backs of both the front and back seats are original and not in too bad of shape but could be redone. The bottom cushions were redone at one time, the door panels are all original and in pretty nice shape. The dash is very clean and looks like a 22k original mile car. The original dash pad is very clean with no cracks, just a little shrinkage, which is normal for one of these. All of the chrome is very nice with no pitting, the original steering wheel has one small hairline crack and a broken horn ring. The original carpet was replaced with a pink carpet, which is not correct, all of the jams are clean and the original warranty tag is still in the jam. The weatherstripping is in decent shape and has been replaced at one time but can be used as is. As far as what works are the lights, gauges, horn, radio, power antenna, directional and wipers. The clock and heater do not work. The trunk has all original trunk liner, which is decently clean with the correct spare and jack.

Mechanically: *Condition #4-

Mechanically, this vehicle is in good condition as the engine, transmission and suspension only have 22k miles on them. It runs and drives very well at the moment. If you are going to start driving it on long trips you will want to go over the car a little more and look at the suspension system. We had it checked out and went through the fuel system, the cooling system and the brakes so it does run and stop good. The fluids have all been changed and with 22k miles this engine is barely broken in. Underneath the hood, it's all original, the engine bay looks good for a nice driver but would need a good strong detail and some touch ups to look like show quality.

Under Carriage: *Condition #4-

This under carriage on this vehicle is original, the front suspension has never been touched since the car was new. It looks like it could use some new bushings. The exhaust has a small exhaust leak and will need some repairs. The frame is solid, the gas tank has been cleaned out and the floors are really solid. A couple of the gussets have a little rust in them, which can be fixed easily. The only main rust is in the inner rocker panels and a little in the quarters, which are fairly easy fixes. Overall it is fairly solid being a Tennessee car.

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If you have any additional questions please call us at 480-281-2059. We can help with shipping quotes and arrangements. I also welcome all International buyers. The car is located in beautiful sunny Scottsdale, AZ.

*About Our Collector Car Rating Guide:

We at Classic Car Investments have given each of our vehicles an over all condition rating and a separate condition rating for each major part of the vehicle. These ratings are given to each vehicle, by us, based on our educated professional opinion from decades of experience. Condition ratings can be looked at differently based on each individual buyer. Please use this rating as a purely a guide to help you gauge the condition of the vehicle with out physically looking at in person. Which we always suggest is the best way to buy a collector car but today can be tough with our hectic, busy schedules. We are being honest as possible in our ads and want to show you everything about each vehicle, with every media possible including pictures, video, sounds, text and ratings system similar to most consumer product rating systems out there. But of course tailored to collector cars. We want our customer to feel confident buying our cars from any location in the world and know what they are getting. With showing you, the buyer all the negatives as well as the positives on every vehicle and educating the buyer in the process. Buy our vehicles with confidence!

The rating is based on a 1 to 6 rating scale. #1 flawless car that is almost perfect, #2 near perfect car but can be driven, #3 excellent driver, that is most likely show quality with minor flaws (Most Classic Cars), #4 nice driver that has some flaws, #5 project car or great restoration project and #6 being a complete parts car. Plus and minus signs behind the number, indicate it is on the higher or lower side on the described condition in our opinion.


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Series 62


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